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About me: I've been an INSPIRIT for about a year and a half, so I'm kind of new.

Biases: Hoya and Woohyun♥

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First navigation is the tag page, second is a list of my biases ^.^ name is Makayla but you can call me Mickey ^.^
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Anonymous asked : Favorite eras for all the INFINITE members?

Hm…let’s see here…

Sunggyu: The Chaser

Dongwoo: The Chaser

Woohyun: BTD

Hoya: BTD

Sungyeol: BTD

L: tie: BTD, The Chaser

Sungjong: Be Mine

special-tea-for-you asked : Ohhhhh okay I see LOL. Not gonna pressure you. :D Oh and last question, is it going to to be over soon? Or whaa.. Cause I find it to awesome to be over T.T

Yes…soon. There will be a few more chapters ^^

If there’s a high enough demand I might write something similar to it. i.e. same concept only vampire…(?) Yeahhh prolly not =/ Vampires stories are done a lot.

Hm…we’ll see if I can come up with anything ^^

Anonymous asked : I love you! Stop fighting me~~ ♥Woohyun oppa

Anonymous asked : ♫Let me take you down, I really want to take you down and show you what I'm about. Can I take you now? Your body oh, your body up and down♫ ♥Woohyun oppa (PS yes this was a question Mickey babe~)

Anonymous asked : ♫Anytime you want it I'm ready and willin' gotta give it. I start to lick on your body you go to trembling. Flip it around girl let me get it from the side♫ ♥Woohyun oppa

…is that a song?

Woohyun, just because I forgave you doesn’t mean you can do this. TT.TT

Anonymous asked : I'm sorry for ruining your life~ It's my grease, right? Mianhae~~ Just forgive me Mickey~ JEBAL??? /throws a heart/ ♥Woohyun oppa

What if I don’t want one of your hearts? But…fine.

You’re forgiven.

Anonymous asked : Ouch. You like someone from another group more than me? I thought I was your ultimate bias. =[ But it's okay Mickey babe, I still love you ♥Woohyun oppa

Maybe Chanyeol’s my ultimate bias. You just like to ruin my life Woohyun.

Anonymous asked : Really really babe. Just give in to me. You're mine forever ^^ ♥Woohyun oppa

…what if I told you I like Chanyeol better?